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Always remember that women who call themselves feminists will be accused so many times of being man-haters, but when a man kills women just for being women, he is called mentally unwell, and a madman rather than a woman-hater or misogynist. 


more people need to watch buffy. you want a feminist icon who doesn’t sacrifice her femininity for badassery? buffy slays a centuries old vampire while wearing a virginal white prom dress, barely breaks a sweat and goes to the prom with her best friends and her honey afterwards.

yeah, more people need to watch buffy.


A Jewish woman and a Palestinian woman protesting together in 1973, 1992, and 2001.

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Title: Cosmetics From Ancient Egypt to the Modern World

Artist: Stuff You Missed in History Class

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Today’s episode: 10,000+ years of cosmetics history (in brief). Here’s a link to our notes and research.

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This was hella interesting!

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Ladies and gentlemen, and variations thereupon

You know, I’m amazed that in all my time on tumblr, I’ve never seen a single post appreciating this lady. I mean, do you realise what is happening here?

This is clear and casual acceptance of gender non-conformity in mainstream media. And not only is this in Doctor Who, with an audience of millions and millions of people worldwide, but it’s also set in the future, implying that progress is not only spaceships and interplanetary colonisation, but also in the way of acceptance of identity outside the gender binary.

So yeah, let’s take a moment to appreciate the awesome lady in Doctor Who that was totally chill about trans* folk without making a big show of it. You go, girl*!
(*or gentleman, or variations thereof.)

Russell T Davies wrote these episodes, with these lines:

  • End of the World: Ladies and gentlemen and trees and multiforms…
  • The Long Game: Ladies, gentlemen, multi-sex, undecided or robot…
  • Midnight: Ladies and gentlemen, and variations thereupon…

In Russell T Davies’ futures, gender is always more complicated than today.  

Davies also created Jack Harkness, from a future (the 51st century) where sexuality is fluid (also Jack and the Face of Boe have both been said to carry pregnancies).  

On the other hand the Moffat years gave us this line:

"We’re the thin/fat, gay, married, Anglican marines: why would we need names as well?" 

Because its so funny and weird that out of hundreds of “anglican marines” in Demons Run in the 52nd century, that a fat guy and a thin guy would be a couple…ok….

And they’re literally credited at the end as “Fat One” and “Thin One”.   They’re purely a joke.

Is that how straight people see us?

Anyway, in the meantime (bringing us back to the original post), the fact that no one knew this Hostess’s name in “Midnight” is considered a major tragedy, because she is a hero.

(The episode also features a character named Sky who mentions her ex with she/her pronouns, and no one makes a big deal out of it.  Its entirely normal, and not a joke at all.)




some guy just knocked on my door and said “ben?” last time i checked i am not a ben

he just did it again and i had a moment of self doubt like

maybe i am ben

If your name is Glory then I have some news for you …..





anyone else noticing a trend here?


didn’t know ancient egyptians looked like mayo…


Ok but of course the servants and thieves are black ok i see yall

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always reblog because best crossover in history 

This. Always.

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