A 17 year old Russian girl has a doll-like face but physique of a body builder. She is a powerlifter.











Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the online bodybuilding and powerlifting communities, is a 17-year old Russian powerlifter who recently shot to Internet fame after a series of photos showing her doll-like face and impressive physique went viral.




She could probably easily chuck me across the room if she so felt like it. That would be an honor.



#mutants are a metaphor

People ask why I like the X-Men so much. Shit like this.


People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is know as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.

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A young Pakistani musician treats the guitar as percussion — with surprisingly shimmering results.

Watch Usman Riaz play NPR’s Tiny Desk

That was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a very long time. This guy is a genius. And there’s something so fascinating about how meek and unsure of himself he seems when he speaks, and how incredibly confident and powerful he becomes when he plays.

Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

Advice to Sylvia Plath, from her mother  (via tellmefive)  

Think about the first name you were ever called,
and then think how long it took until
you got called a pussy
or a slut,
or a bitch,
or a whore,
all of which are words that fall too close to ‘girl.’

Think about the first time you got called a ‘girl’
and they said it with a sneer.
Like it was a bad thing.

For a boy, it is the lowest degradation to get called a girl.
For a girl, it is the lowest degradation to get called a girl.

Remember, black widow spiders and female praying mantises eat their partners after intercourse.
Remember, it’s the lionesses who hunt.
They come back with bloody muzzles, dragging bloated carcasses as the alpha lion strides around with his mane puffing out.
Remember, it’s only the female mosquitoes who drink blood.
We’re the ones who do the necessary work, dirty our hands,
fuck or fight or both.
We’re often the smaller sex, which makes us a harder target
as we slink close and sink our teeth in.

Remember: we’re deadly.

You should be proud to be called a girl.

Most Female Killers Use Poison (via dylanludwig)  
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Who is this graceful dancer? Love it! Can anyone confirm if it’s Dariya Mitskevich? No source on the gif…. :(



My new nerdfighter tattoo!!!


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I find rage to be an interesting feeling - both emotionally and physically.

Emotionally, it feel rather simple and pure - it is my soul screaming at something so wrong it can’t find words.

Physically, it’s so strange and complicated. My stomach drops; my heart suddenly feels like it is in my throat rather than my chest. My jaw slams shut and my tense in an unusual way. I feel frozen in my belly but my chest is hot and my head is surprisingly clear.

Rage isn’t an emotion I deal with particularly well - it always catches me off guard, popping up unexpectedly on occasion at things that shouldn’t bother me (not to this extent, anyway). Yet, here I am in the aftermath: trying to breath deeply, reminding myself every 15 seconds to unclench my jaw while I feel the very beginnings of migraine settle into my brow.